Sumner Redstone keeps firing people

Now it’s his daughter, Shari. See here. Can’t someone do something to help this crazy, helpless old man? Everyone in the movie business has known about this for months, ever since the Tom Freston thing. Sumner’s off his rocker. He called me a few weeks ago and told me I was fired. I was like, Sumner, I don’t work for you. He said, I know you don’t, because I just fired you. I’m like, No, Sumner, I’m at Disney, and you don’t own Disney. He said, Don’t give me no back-talk, punk, just clean out your desk or I’ll call security. I wouldn’t mind but he’s fired me before, too. Half of Hollywood has been “fired” by this guy in the past year. It was funny for a while but nobody’s laughing anymore. BTW the only guy he doesn’t dare fire is Brad Grey. That’s because every so often Brad brings James Gandolfini around the offices and tells Sumner he’s friends with Tony Soprano. Sumner hides under his desk when he hears that Brad and Tony are walking around. Brad scares the hell out of Sumner. Brad scares the hell out of everyone, frankly.