Squirrel Boy gets his turn in the clown chair

Well the backlash against Google has finally begun. See here. And all it took was a tiny miss on growth estimate that, let’s face it, the Wall Street guys had pulled out of their butts anyway. However, it doesn’t matter. Google missed and now the wolves will be all over Google about everything. The hypocrisy of “Don’t be evil” while you are being evil in China. Spying on customers, invading privacy, cheating book authors, screwing poor saps who sign up for AdSense. Google as Big Brother. Google as monopolist. All these stupid investments in new businesses that aren’t paying out. YouTube for a billion and a half? What the frig were you thinking? All these apps in the cloud that aren’t making money. Google this, Google that, everything in perpetual beta, nothing ever finished and done and working 100% right. They’re going to look like a bunch of spoiled coddled self-involved Lego-playing 20-somethings who have free massages and dry cleaning and groovy ethnic food and have been turned loose with no adult supervision to do whatever the fuck they want, and who all are suffering from acute Attention Deficit Disorder so that they never finish anything because they get bored and move on to the next stupid idea that some bozo has dreamed up on a white board. You know why they’re going to look like that? Because that’s what they are. Yes, there are smart people at Google. Smarts are about one tenth of what makes a business work. The rest is just shitty stuff like dealing with customers and partners and fixing bugs and reworking code and doing all sorts of lousy grunt work — stuff the little whiz kids don’t want to get their hands dirty on. And stuff that Squirrel Boy, quite frankly, has never been too good at either. Sun? Novell? Heard of them?

Oh, it’s all fun and games when you’re on the way up. Now is when it’s going to get ugly. Squirrel Boy, I feel your pain. Sort of.