Spy picture of Jim Allchin’s bathroom

No lie. One of our operatives — a Greek dude named Paris, no less — managed to wangle a visit to the home of former Microsoft honcho Jim Allchin. During a trip the bathroom our operative spotted these two sleek little notebooks tucked away. Apparently even though Jim has left Microsoft he still worries about Ballmer or Gates dropping by without calling first, and so he has to use his Macs in secret, tucked away in the bog. Call it his guilty pleasure — he feeds his Mac hunger furtively, the way Ginny Sacrimoni consumes candy bars. More telling is that these are not new Macs, which indicates Jim has been a secret Mac-o-phile for many years. I’ve previously reported on the weird man crush that Allchin has on me. This led him to put many of my ideas into Vista, for which he oversaw development. Jim, it’s okay now. You’re retired. You can use any computer you want. Come out into the light, Jim. And by the way, that iPhone registered in Bellevue, Wash., to a person named “Mij Nihclla”? You’re not fooling anyone.