Now Dvorak is hunting for me too

See his “Cranky Geeks” Web site here. In the episode 74 video the first topic (after uber-geek and super-techie Dvorak reveals the fact that he doesn’t know how to work a Tivo box) is “Who is Fake Steve Jobs?” Dvorak, to answer your question, let me quote from Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: First Blood: “I’m your worst nightmare.” You’ve made a career out of being a bully and bashing my machines. You’ve been kicking sand in my face for twenty years. Now I’ve got a platform with which to call you on your bullshit. The victim is hitting back. The ninety-pound weakling doesn’t have to just let you kick sand in his face. The hunter (that would be you) becomes the hunted. Deal with it, old man. I have you in my scope. Ever heard of “Shoot the Freak” at Coney Island? See a write-up on it here. You pay a few bucks and get to shoot pellets at a real live human being. It’s a metaphor. Ask one of your brainy “Cranky Geeks” panelists to explain it to you. Only I’m not using one of their frigged-up bent-barrel Coney Island pellet guns. I’ve got a Tavor assault rifle with a laser scope, obtained by my main man Moshe from his friends in Sayeret Matkal. Start running, freak.