Just think of them as "iAds"

So we’re getting some mail about the new ads on the blog. Apparently people don’t like them. So let me get this straight. You’ll wait in a line for a week and pay six hundred bucks for a phone and walk out in triumph while Apple retail zombies cheer for you, but you’re outraged because there’s an advertisement on a blog? Um, yeah. Little hint, and I’m sorry if this shocks you: Our goal here at Apple is to prise as much money out of you as possible. The zombies aren’t cheering for you because you’re cool; they’re cheering because you just goosed our stock price. I know. You thought we were in business to restore a sense of childlike wonder to your lives. Frankly I’d like to do that, but Katie Cotton says we gots to get paid like everyone else.

Another thing: I also know that a lot of the ads are not so beautiful. Which for Microsoft users wouldn’t be a problem but for Apple fans, let’s face it, is tough. You’re used to beautiful objects. You care enough to pay more for them. So here’s a strategy that might work. Just close your eyes, precious ones, and skip over the advertisements. Try to pretend they’re not there. Engage in a little self-hypnosis and maybe they won’t upset your delicate sensibilities. Better yet, do what I do and use a little cognitive behavioral therapy. Rescript your personal narrative and apply the RDF and convince yourself that the ads do not really exist. I know it’s hard. I’m sorry, gentle ones. Please know that I really do care about your well-being.