I wish we’d thought of this

It’s a sooperdooper secret agent kit for the really cool dudes who are developing apps for the OpenMoko freetard phone. See here. They call it the “hacker’s dream box” and they manage to work “Neo” into the name because let’s face it all of these Linux guys like to see themselves as Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix.” Right. As if. I’m not sure what applications these guys are making but you just know one of them will be an app that lets you press a special key to speed-dial your mom to come pick you up. (Richard Stallman commanded them to make that one a priority.)

Anyway, I really really wish we’d done something like this for the guys making third-party iPhone apps. Or maybe we could make a big case like this for iPhone users. You know, so people know you’re special. Otherwise how does anyone know you’re even carrying an iPhone? You end up having to take it out all the time and pretend you thought you heard it ringing. Memo to Jon Ive: Get working on this.