Hate mail

A reader named Michael [LAST NAME EDITED] ([EMAIL EDITED]) writes in to say:

Greets.. sometimes I joke around with my friends. If I come up with something good, I may pass it on, but rarely. But making a blog out of whatever pops into your head unedited is a waste of bandwidth. Please show this stuff to someone, then edit it, then rewrite it before you hit upload.


I’m sure Michael would love to receive email from anyone who has ideas on how to conserve bandwidth. Please feel free.

UPDATE: An anonymous poster points out that I’m a dick for putting up this guy’s name and email address in my original post. You know what? I agree. I was a dick. I’m sorry. Michael, in the spirit of namaste, I beg your forgiveness. Also, I will take your criticism to heart and stop re-editing these posts over and over. I wasn’t aware that it’s such a pain in the ass for readers to deal with posts that keep changing. What can I say? I’m pretty self-centered. Your point is a good one. You are good, and I am bad. FSJ deeply regrets any pain this has caused you. And readers, please stop writing to this guy. Bokay?