Fiat wants to be Apple

And they’re thinking the new Cinquecento can be the iPod of cars. They’ve even gone so far as to rip off our “Think Different” advertising style in their new ad for the car, with shots from “Cinema Paradiso” wrapped around pictures of famous Italians. Now look. I love Italian cars. I wouldn’t buy them, but I love the way they look. The new Cinquecento, which appears at the end of the spot, is really a nice-looking small car. I wish Fiat well with this campaign. It’s a lovely spot, and I could understand it even though I don’t speak a word of Sicilian and I’ve never set foot in Tripoli. I just wish they were paying us a little bit for stealing our ideas. Oh well. Vaya con dios, as you guys would say. Much love to reader Mattia who sent us this link.