Best iTard story I’ve heard so far

Some dame in Dallas showed up last Friday with thousands of dollars in cash hoping to buy out the whole store and sell the phones on eBay. She paid a kid $800 to give up the first spot in line and rushed in, only to find out they were only selling one phone per person. D’oh! Dumbass. Better yet, then the kid who gave up his spot just walked in a few minutes later and bought his iPhone, no problem. See the sad video here. Warning to you freetard advertisement haters: The whores who made this video included a 15-second ad for Toyota before the news clip runs. I know, right? Can you fucking believe it? Jesus fucking Christ! Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about it. Talk to your shrink about it this week or something, gentle souls. Much love to Dear Reader Brinke for sending in this link.