ZDNet leads the backlash

See this blog post where a guy rounds up all the anti-iPhone articles on ZDNet blogs. There’s a lot. Just to reiterate: This isn’t happening because ZDNet gets ad money from Microsoft, or RIM, or Palm, or whatever. It’s happening because second-rate hacks know they have to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, because it’s what everyone is talking about, but they figure they can be “original” and seem less like shills if they bash it. Whatever. According to Steve Dowling the negative coverage and positive coverage are basically the same. Has something to do with sine waves and a dude named Fourier who I guess is a famous PR guy at Microsoft. Don’t bust my balls on math because the last class I took was in junior year of high school, bokay? I tried to pay attention during Dowling’s talk but I zoned out during the math parts and started drawing some cool new logos for Leopard and dreaming up some names for the version that will come after Leopard.