We’re deploying iPhone security squads

Just got this note via email. No idea if it’s true or a hoax:

“You can use this information, but I am not disclosing who or where I am for the safety of my job.

“I am a corporate security guard/body guard and will be posted outside of an AT&T store in my area as a plain clothes. The company I work for has five stores to cover, and at each store will be a guard in a business suit. We’re posted there from closing time the night of the 28th till the store employees return the morning of the 29th. My company was very vague, but thought that there would be store employees there as well setting up for the next day.

“This is really unusual, we don’t come cheap, and we are highly trained, all ex-military, all combat veterans. We normally do close security for wealthy people in the area. So either AT&T is really worried about theft of iPhones the night before it’s release, or they have specific threats and we are being sent in as a precaution.

“Personally I’ll be buying my iPhone on the 29th. It’s great for people in my work with all the down time at work that we end up with. Nothing like watching a movie while waiting for nothing to happen.”

As I said up top, I don’t know if this is true or not. But I can tell you that we’re deploying our own Apple security squads outside Apple stores. Ours will not be “plain clothes” however. They’re going to be in full Star Wars body armor and helmets (see above), carrying machine guns and accompanied by attack dogs. Just how we roll.