Turn me on, dead man

Oh man. Now people are pissed because they’ve found “secret info” hidden inside iTunes songs. See here. Apparently things are slow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and God knows they can’t go a week without getting a bug up their asses about something. And what better target than Apple, the company that has done more for the world than any other company in all of history? So they’re all fired up because when you buy songs on iTunes the song files have your name and email address embedded in it. Folks, relax. It’s just a watermark, okay? It’s not the mark of the beast. You’re not going to get turned into a zombie if you listen to your iPod. And nobody is going to steal your iPod and hack the song files and then find out your name and your email address. Even if they do, you can just get a new email address. And a new name. Or something.