So Gates calls

And he’s like, Hey buddy, I just spent some time looking at Leopard and I must say, you’ve done some nice things. Quick Look is very cool. So is the transparency stuff. And the 3-D planes floating in space. Very nice. But you know what, I kind of liked these features the first time I saw them — where was it? Oh, that’s right. In Vista. Yeah. Who’s copying who, douchebag? Maybe we should sue you for copying our interface ideas, you spoiled, precious, pretentious little bitch. Ice water to people in hell huh? Well look who just dipped into hell and brought it back to the world calling it a slice of heaven. You think the media will figure this out and report it? Nah. They’re too stuck on the story about how Apple innovates and Microsoft copies. They’ve got that story in their heads and there’s no way we can dislodge it from their thick skulls. Sorry. Just kidding, bro. You do beautiful work. I mean it. You’ve got great taste. You stay happy with that 3 percent market share and we’ll do our little thing over here.