iPhone doomed, says Prat

See here. A guy named David Prat [shurely not, Ed] says the iPhone “is going to be a bigger marketing flop than Ishtar and Waterworld (dating myself again, aren’t I) combined,” and will “crash in flames the way Appleā€™s late and unlamented Newton did.” This guy is an expert because he’s — gasp — written a book about software, called Why Software Sucks. He’s also created the “It Just Works Movement.”

Feel free to send this jackoff hate mail. Or maybe not. See, when you click on his button that says, “Click here to contact the author,” you get an error message. So much for “It Just Works.” I’m not kidding. Click on the link above, go to his “Suckbusters” page and try it. Nice job, code monkey.

But wait. It gets better. Katie Cotton just did some digging and found out that Mr. Software Expert runs a company called Rolling Thunder Computing, which specializes in … well, click on the link and see. Hint: You’ll be shocked — shocked! — to find out who pays this frigtard’s salary.