Rudy: "If you don’t buy an iPhone, then the terrorists have won."

Here he is out there at the Fifth Avenue store drafting on the free publicity, mugging it up with some loser from the iPhone line. Money quote: “I think it’s great. I think it’s great. It’s great. I’m urging all New Yorkers, and in fact all Americans, to get out here and show some pride and let the world know that we’re not scared. We’re not running scared. We’re not scared. We’re out here, it’s a beautiful day, we’re standing in line to spend lots of money on a piece of consumer electronics. So that’s how scared we are, right? See? We’re not scared. We’re right here, so if you think you’re so bad-ass, here we are. Standing on the street, wearing Yankee firefighter helmets. Okay? We’re right here.” See the whole story here.