Paul Thurrott scobles himself

See this brilliant blog post where Thurrott takes the time and trouble to discuss and expand upon one of his own articles. How meta and recursive is that? Thurrott’s shocking revelation is that Safari, not Leopard, is the key product at Apple these days. Best part is that after touting his own article Thurrott adds a self-congratulatory scoble to let you know how smart he is: “I think that we will all look back on this day as the time when we stopped thinking about desktop OSes and focused on the mobile, Web-based future. This might be the smartest thing Apple ever did. And so far, few have even noticed it. Yet.”

Yes, few have noticed this, except you, O great Thurrott. Because you, unique among all men, understand the great master plan that underlies everything Apple does. So nice of you to bless us with your genius, and to let us know how special you are. Otherwise we might not have figured it out.