Mozilla, it is time for you to die

Look, Mozilla people, I know you complained about the pie charts that I put up at WWDC last week showing Mozilla being erased from the browser market in the near future. I know you resent the fact that Apple is a big powerful company and you’re just a bunch of amateurs who’ve had some luck hacking together a browser that is, let’s be honest, pretty darn good. But guys, think about this. You’ve been in the market for 20 years now and you’ve got 15% market share. You’ve given it your best shot, and the market has voted, and you’ve lost. I know it hurts to hear this. But you’ve lost. Now it’s our turn. I guarantee you we’ll do a better job than you’ve done. And fair enough, I did recently admit that I use Firefox. I only said that to get my guys fired up. And it worked. They are determined to crush you. Sorry. I’m sure you’ll find work elsewhere. I hear the Debian team needs some fresh blood. Peace out.