More bad news that I really don’t need right now

Our manufacturing guys just got back from a trip to China and they’re hearing rumors about some uber-laptop, possibly Linux-based, that’s going to cost more than our top-of-the-line MacBook Pro and is going to smoke our ass. Apparently everyone over there is buzzing about this machine but nobody has actually seen it yet. There’s just word of it coming out of the contract manufacturers and the component guys who’ve all signed NDAs but are leaking anyway. Best we can tell it’s some kind of startup. I normally discount all reports like this but the dudes I talked to say they’re not laughing. They say the Chinese are really getting better in a hurry. They’re not just making cheap knock-offs anymore. They’re focusing on design and are determined to leapfrog Western companies, in all industries. In PCs we’re seen as the biggest target. And like I said, our dudes are not taking this lightly.

Back to the meditation mat. Must hurry.