A message to global warming skeptics

So I’m getting loads of mail in response to my post about Al Gore. People are telling me I’ve got the facts all wrong: the world temperature hasn’t gone up 1.5 degrees Celsius in six months, it’s .05 degrees Fahrenheit in sixty years; it’s not true that a piece of ice the size of Greenland broke off from Iceland, and it couldn’t possibly be true, since Greenland is roughly 100 times the size of Iceland. So fair enough. Maybe it was a piece of ice the size of Iceland that broke off from Greenland. Whatever. Listen. You can quibble all you want over tiny mistakes. You can keep calling for more studies, and you can sit around with your thumbs up your butts while the planet keeps getting hotter. Or you can put aside the details and keep your eyes on the big picture. Don’t you see what the skeptics are doing? The tiny details are what the oil companies and Republicans want people to focus on. They’ll just keep throwing these nitpicky things at us, trying to wear us out. Like Al told everyone this weekend at Barbra’s house, these guys are just going to keep looking for tiny mistakes and then trying to extrapolate from those tiny mistakes that the whole theory is wrong. But it’s not wrong. It’s right. Everyone with half a brain knows that it’s right. Anyway. To those of you who wrote in, I appreciate your criticism. But you’re wrong and Al is right.