Merry Christmas, Australia

And New Zealand too. I just was talking to Jon Ive and one of his top guys, Mick Gale, who happens to be an Aussie and they were telling me how right now it’s winter in Australia and how June 25 is Christmas down there. I guess I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t know this but what can I say, I’m a typical xenophobic culturally ignorant American. Or “Yank” as Mike and his family say. We just did an iChat with Mike’s family who were back from midnight mass and all wearing shiny paper crowns and blowing whistles and singing “Silent Night.” Very cool. G’day, Australia! And to you Kiwis too. Uncle Steve will be sending you all a very nice shiny present very soon. That’s right. It’s an iPhone. Carrier arrangements are being worked out and we should have announcements soon. Much love. Namaste. Joyeux Noel. Peace on earth. And peace out.