Line forming in New York; Dvorak poops in pants

A blog called Electronista says a line is forming at the Fifth Avenue store. Two guys have staked out a claim. Yes, it’s nuts. And yes, I love it. Dvorak meanwhile continues in his grumpy way, saying he’s sick of the hype and can’t wait for it to be over already and he’s going out for Depends and Salem Lights and does anyone else need anything? Money quote: “Exactly what new meditation sequence Steve Jobs learned recently that could create such a flurry of fawning interest is beyond me. He should become a guru and teach it to the likes of Chrysler Corp. executives. Seriously, this whole thing is creepy in some mystical way.” Dvorak, you are a jealous old queen.

Meanwhile some dude at Harvard compares me to God, saying, “God himself couldnot design a device that could live up to all the hype that the iPhone has gotten.”