iPhone love-hate roundup

A restaurant wine director describes running into an Apple employee with an iPhone here. Much love to the Wall Street hotshot who sent this in, and yes, I realize you’re just trying to flog the stock. Fine by me.

David Pogue of the Times is overwhelmed by questions about the iPhone. See here.

Squirrel Boy pumps up the hype and hints at future Apple-Google collaboration here.

Some douchebag blogger calls for a boycott until July 2 so we won’t get any revenue in our June quarter. Right. When this effort fails you can go piss up a rope. See here. Tip o’ the hat to Sam for sending this in.

The geeks at Gartner are advising clients to avoid the iPhone because it doesn’t have a firewall and isn’t ready for the enterprise. See here. Namaste to Matt for the link.

InformationWeek says hackers are going to attack the iPhone like starving Portugalians going after a plate of bacalhau. See here.