iPhone hype roundup

One analyst describes the hysteria this way: “This is the most anticipated phone since Alexander Graham Bell did his.” See here. Not that it matters but I think this is the dope who went to work for Microsoft a few months ago and then quit after a week. Namaste to Brinke for the link.

Cringely says here that the iPhone is part of some kind of secret scheme to help Google. Or something. Honestly I can never figure out what Cringely is trying to say and I suspect it’s because he doesn’t know either. Much love to Alastair for the tip.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog breaks a big investigative piece by discovering that AT&T stores are running their iPhone video ads on a Dell. God forbid. See here. Thanks, Reid.

Some frigtard from Advertising Age writes, “Why the iPhone will Fail.” See here. Tip from Peter.

A guy I’ve never heard of explains why people are jealous of me here.

Roughly Drafted, a loyal friend to Apple in good times and in bad, slashes iPhone critics and declares the product a sure winner. Yes, we pay this guy. Okay? Whatever. He’s right anyway. Much love to faddah for the tip.