Hate mail

This just came in via email from a guy named Stits. I’m just so upset. Negativity really upsets me. But I have to share it with you so you can see the kind of abuse that a celebrity CEO must endure, even while trying to walk the razor’s edge and create beautiful objects that restore a sense of childlike wonder to the world.

Hi Steve, long time fan of you and Apple but I’m a little ticked. I think this whole iPhone fucktastic media push has forced you to neglect us loyal professionals and academics who love out Macs. Frankly ordering a laptop and have to wait a whole god dammed month for it to ship is proof of it. Never hear people complaining about having to wait for a dell over a hard drive upgrade do you?

Anyway, that’s my little bit of constructive criticism. Hope it helps. Also I should mention in closing that I own a few shares of stock so I was torn about even writing this letter. I still think you’re the best man to run apple I just with you would remember that the universe isn’t revolving around “i” products. It’s still all about the computers. In reality all this stuff is an accessory.

Hope this helps, Stits.

You hope this helps? How on earth does this help? You know what would help? What would help would be if you would go buy a Dell and leave me alone.