Goatberg is threatening to break the embargo

I guess because I chewed him out for violating the NDA and showing off his friggin iPhone at some conference. Of course that’s not what he says when he explains why he wants to run his review earlier than everyone else. What he says is that he’s Walt friggin Mossberg, the most important technology journalist on the planet, and nobody tells him what to do. Not even El Jobso. Walt, you see, has this teeny tiny ego problem. You know what I told him? I said, Walt, you do what you like, but just remember, even the world’s greatest technology journalist can’t do his job unless the technology companies send him their stuff to review. So if you want to burn us on this one, go ahead. We’ll pretend to be all upset and we’ll create a big stink and milk the whole “scandal” for loads of publicity too — and then we’ll shut you down. In the immortal words of Robert DeNiro: Do you feel lucky punk? Then go ahead, make my day.