Goatberg gushes

Good thing we got to him with the hypnosis “briefing.” Let me tell you, it was close. To see his review, go here. But if you’d rather not wade through all of it, I’ll provide an executive summary here, in bullet format. According to Walt, the iPhone:

* adds multiple steps to common functions that are easy to perform on a regular phone.
* runs on EDGE, which is pokey, and the can’t be upgraded to run on faster networks.
* does well on Wi-Fi, but this “doesn’t fully make up for the lack of a fast cellular data capability.”
* won’t work with a lot of iPod accessories.
* has no overall search.
* has no quick way to move up and down on pages.
* has no way to cut, copy or paste text.
* can read Excel, Word and PDF documents, but can’t edit or save them.
* can make phone calls but in many ways it’s a pain in the ass, even more so than with other smart phones.
* boasts voice quality that’s “good but not great.”
* has no way to get your contact list from your old phone.
* can’t turn contact groups into email distribution lists.
* has some third-party apps, “but the few we tried weren’t impressive.”
* has no instant messaging.
* can’t record video with its camera, and has 2-megapixel resolution.
* has no support for Flash, so can’t view stuff on some Web sites.
* can’t turn your iPod songs into ringtones.
* has no games.
* can’t access iTunes Music Store directly.
* costs twice as much as its competitors.
* isn’t for the “average person” who just wants a cheap phone for making calls and texting.
* probably isn’t for corporate types either.

Conclusion? “A beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer.”

Thanks Walt. Much love.