Gates just called, dropping hints

Supposedly he called to follow up on something that he claims I’d asked him about when we were backstage at the D show. Then he starts talking about the iPhone and how crazy it is and how am I holding up and so forth. Then he says, “Well, ya know, I’m kind of anxious to get hold of one myself,” and I know what he’s hinting at, he wants me to send one up to him because he’s the Great Bill Gates, and I guess I should be a mensch and just give him a freebie but you know what? No way. Not after all that smacktalk from Ballmer.

“They go on sale Friday,” I said. “So you won’t have to wait too much longer. Send your assistant out to get in line. Or better yet, ask Jim Allchin to get one for you while he’s getting his own. And please do let me know what you think. You know how much we value your input on stuff like this.”