From the mailbox

My dearest Steve,

I’m writing you this to tell you the story of my Mac G5.

I walk into work yesterday morning (I work at ARS E-commerce in Chattanooga, TN) only to find one of my many bosses Tony sitting down outside. Tony looks at me and says “i’ve got bad news your computer is ruined” I thought he was full of shit but sure enough I walk into the room that i work in and everything was soaked. A sprinkler pipe had busted sometime in the night and soaked the entire room. The desks were covered in water. The keyboards were full of water. The pipe had busted directly above my desk so sure enough my Mac G5 that i cherished so much was pretty much under a gigantic waterfall of madness and water all night long. I pouted all morning long. It was surreal but shit happens. Sure enough though a few hours later Tony walks back up to me and says “Your computer booted right up. It works fine.” HA! It survived! I couldn’t believe it! All night long water pouring on it drenching it in dirty water and it just booted right up like nothing had happened!

So hat’s off to you Steve Jobs. Just thought you’d like to hear how much Mac’s kick ass!


(Name withheld)