Freetards: "No iPhones for us, thanks."

A reader sends in this email which Free Software Foundation director Peter Brown (pictured right) sent out to a mailing list today. There seems to be a hint here that the freetards think the iPhone infringes on their copyrights and that maybe they’ll try to bring some legal action. God, I’m shaking. Here are some highlights:

From: Peter Brown Date: Jun 28, 2007 3:28 PM
Subject: iPhone restricts users, GPLv3 frees them

iPhone restricts users, GPLv3 frees them

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA — Thursday, June 28, 2007 — On Friday, June 29, not everyone in the continental U.S. will be waiting in line to purchase a $500 iPhone. In fact, hundreds of thousands of digital aficionados around the globe won’t be standing in line at all, for June 29 marks the release of version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GPL). .. .

The author of the the GPL is Professor Richard M. Stallman, president and founder of the Free Software Foundation, and creator of the GNU Project. …

The iPhone is leaving people questioning: Does it contain GPLed software? What impact will the GPLv3 have on the long-term prospects for devices like the iPhone that are built to keep their owners frustrated?

Peter Brown, executive director of the FSF said, “Tomorrow, Steve Jobs and Apple release a product crippled with proprietary software and digital restrictions: crippled, because a device that isn’t under the control of its owner works against the interests of its owner. We know that Apple has built its operating system, OS X, and its web browser Safari, using GPL-covered work — it will be interesting to see to what extent the iPhone uses GPLed software.”

The GNU GPL version 3 will be released at 12:00pm (EDT) — six hours before the release of the iPhone — bringing to a close eighteen months of public outreach and comment, in revision of the world’s most popular free software license.

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A couple of questions: Since when did Stallman become “Professor”? Isn’t “homeless person” a better title? And would you please stop going around spreading this FUD about us using your code and dropping veiled hints about us possibly violating your license? Take us to court or shut the fuck up.