Freetards are trying to make an iPhone clone

See info on the OpenMoko project here. The open source nitwits figure they can make an open-source iPhone. You know, with Lars and Helmutt firing in some code from Helsinki and putting it under GPLv2, Rurik chipping in GPLv3 code from Moscow when things get slow on the malware farm, and a bunch of dudes in China who are fronting for the Chinese government tossing in some backdoors and exploits, and Richard Stallman acting as project manager, legal authority and arbiter of look and feel. Yup. That’ll work out great. Those apps will all be easy to use and interoperate seamlessly. Uh-huh. Things will work great as long as you don’t want to use any apps that Richard Stallman doesn’t control, and don’t want to download any music that Richard Stallman doesn’t approve of, and don’t let Richard Stallman get mad about something and change the license on you. But you’ve got to admit, she’s a beauty, ain’t she?

UPDATE. This just in from a reader: “The freetards working on the iPhone ‘competitor’ have posted a page where they compare their hardware with the iPhone. [It’s here.] By their own admission their phone is larger, heavier, has a smaller screen, less memory, no EDGE, WiFi in “phase 1+” (i.e. never), no camera, USB 1.1 only, will be available after the iPhone, none of the software is written and finally… TWO buttons.”

Much love for the tip. Namaste.