Fair enough, so we’re doing a deal with Microsoft

We were going to keep it quiet for a while more but since the MicroTards decided to leak it to Mary Jo Creepy, their official mouthpiece, I guess we might as well come clean. Okay. We need to license Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol so we can make the iPhone work with Exchange servers. I personally think Exchange blows, but it’s a big standard in corporations and Phil Schiller is peeing his pants with fear saying we can’t afford to get pegged as non-corporate-friendly on the iPhone. So whatever. We license some software from Microsoft. God I just gagged when I wrote that. No doubt we’ll not only have to license the software from them but then we’ll have to fix it for them so it will work with the Jesus machine. And we’ll get blamed every time something goes wrong even though it’s Microsoft’s fault. Whatever. It’s the price we pay.

Best line in the Foley piece is the “refuse to comment” item from a company spokeswoman. Please. Waggener Edstrom is the one spreading the word on this deal. It’s Microsoft’s way of trying to draft on our momentum. I’m just wondering whether Frank Shaw will post anything on his Glass House blog about it. Yeah, maybe not. So much for radical transparency.