Confession: Sometimes Larry and I get baked and watch Criss Angel Mindfreak

Fair enough, it’s embarrassing. I know his Mindfreak act is stupid and totally fake. But if you’re high enough some of the tricks are pretty cool. Plus I like checking out all the elements of my act that Criss Angel has incorporated into his own shtick. The eyes, mostly. But also the use of misdirection. Larry says I should sue the guy. “This spray-tanned punk has just ripped off your act, note for note,” he says. “He’s like a mix of you and Joe Perry.” My feeling is that we’re in such different industries that it’s not a threat. Now if Criss Angel decided to start selling consumer electronics and claiming they possessed magical powers and quasi-religious significance, well, then we’d have a fight on our hands. As long as he sticks to fake levitation and fake sawing people in half, we’re cool. Whether Joe Perry wants to sue is up to him.