Confession: I cannot for the life of me understand WiFi routers

I mean seriously people it’s friggin 2007 and you still need to be some kind of wiener brain nerd just to get a home WiFi network up and running. WTF with all the constant little breakdowns and flakiness? And God help if you need tech support. You end up hunting around on Google trying to find out how to do some simple thing. Jesus. And yeah, I know, I’m the supreme being of all computing, but I’ll be honest with you, I have no idea how to configure these goddamn things., and then what? Some goddamn butt-ugly screen full of choices that make no sense. “Oh it just works.” Yeah right. I end up having Apple’s IT director send a guy over to my house to straighten things out. I know exactly what the prick is thinking: “Big Mr. Steve Jobs can’t figure out how to choose the settings on his Airport Extreme router, wow, what a genius, no wonder you’re worth five billion bucks and I’m working in the IT shop of your company … blah blah.” Fair enough. It’s embarrassing. Except not really because why should I apologize for the fact that their product blows? Oh wait. Never mind.