Comment of the week

Comes in response to this post where I mocked some guy from Opera Software, maker of the Opera browser, which I said was for “losers.” An outraged Opera fan writes in:

Steve, you’re a pathetic loser. You and the rest of the world knows that Apple has been a sore loser to Microsoft since birth, lol. Now you’re trying to play a power role like Microsoft has done to you for so long, except this time you try to out power Opera. How pathetic is that? Honestly? Both companies are excellent and offer amazing products, but the fact are basing your “truth” on opinion whereas this “Opera Man” is basing “his” on truth and fact. You told a lie and now you’re unwilling to admit what kind of deceitful person you really are. I have respect for both companies and their products, but I start losing that respect for some companies when it comes to real “losers” like yourself talking this way. By the way, the Wii is a popular new console that even children and babies can play..the user interface makes it simple enough for them. 😉 If you can move your hands at all with a remote in them then you can watch videos on the Wii via the Opera browser, now if that is hard for you Steve then you might consider getting a little help…since you are being such a sorry loser and all about this. Next time get your facts won’t win votes from people who aren’t brain washed by you unless you speak the facts…facts sell and get returning buyers more often than lies. 😉