Business 0.0

Just heard this from Katie Cotton. Apparently there is a tech magazine called Business 2.0 that covers Silicon Valley and it’s about to go under. Ad pages and revenues are in serious decline and the editor, Josh Quittner [shurely “Quitter”?!] is rushing around cap in hand begging money from VCs or looking to flog the thing off to some bigger fool. Funny thing is that nobody in the Valley hack community is writing about it. Sure they’ll flood their pages with rumor and innuendo and speculation when El Jobso has a hassle with the S.E.C. They’ll revel in the troubles of any company out here. But when one of their own is going under, um, well, I guess that’s different. Or maybe it strikes too close to the bone for all of them, because the truth is none of these rags is doing very well these days. Most notable silence comes from one recently departed Biz 2.0 hack who’s now supposedly running a snarky gossip site called Valleywag that’s filled with inside dirt on Valley figures. Question: Will Owen Bigglesworth dare to bite the hand that used to feed him?