At this point even I’m sick of the iPhone, and I invented the friggin thing

Honestly. I mean it’s great. I’ve been using one for months. It does all the stuff it’s supposed to do. I love it. But come on people. It won’t cure cancer or regrow your hair or make you lose weight. For that you’ll need Linux, from what I’m told. It’s just a phone. You make calls, you can listen to music, you can do some Web surfing. And if you use a Mac it will integrate really well with your computer. And that’s it. I’m sorry I ever said that line about reinventing the phone. I should have just said, Oh, yeah, here, we made this phone, try it out and let us know if you like it. It’s the old double-edged sword of product hype. On the one hand you want to pump stuff up and sell it; that’s just your natural inclination. The risk is that people will actually believe your hype, and hold you to it. Which is exactly what happened here. Yeah. Not good. But then again, that’s why we have PR people. And ours are the best in the world. Most are former CIA, young guys and gals who got a few years in at the agency and then decided they didn’t like it. We pay them four times what they made with the agency and hold them to fewer rules and regulations. The whole torture thing? Perfectly okay with us.