Sieg Heil! Angry Bono gives horizontal finger to Angela Merkin

Bono is so angry that he is threatening to smash his sunglasses. So it says in this story from some Austrian newspaper that is covering the G8 Summit which is being held in some country that is not the United States. Bono is angry because nobody will listen to him blather on about Africa; they’d rather talk about missile shields. Check out this exchange:

Bono says he’s so frustrated with the lack of action from rich governments he’s considered ditching his trademark sunnies.

BONO: For here, it’s politics is the art of the possible, and that just� you know, this is possible. This is really possible. We’re not Pollyanna, this is not sort of rosy tinted glasses, believe it or not, in fact, I felt like smashing my glasses today.

JOURNALIST: Why? What happened?

BONO: It’s just� they are not keeping their promise. They are not keeping their promise.

Ha! Tough shite, carrot-top!