We are not going to start selling trees on iTunes. Or maybe we are.

This crazy dude from Norway says we should sell trees on iTunes. See here. Money quote:

An “Apple-tree” is an audio- and/or a video-file where (hopefully!) Al Gore will thank you for buying an “Apple-tree”. He will then explain to you that by buying an “Apple-tree” you are actually buying endangered rainforests in the tropical belt around the world, which by itself is not enough to save the world but is an important contribution. Then he will give you a new tip with every purchase of an “Apple-tree”, of what you can do yourself to give the earth the upper hand in the battle against oblivion. There are several enterprises today that are planting or protecting the rainforest, so Apple would mainly be the front-end marketing arm.

Honestly, even Bono couldn’t dream up something this nuts.