Valleywag: Princess Diana not dead, living in Qatar with Dodi Fayed

Well this is a big one. Ace reporter Nick “Scoop” Denton of Gawker and Valleywag fame has broken the biggest story of his career. Denton, who is British, reports this morning that Princess Diana faked her own death and is actually living in Qatar with Dodi Fayed. Nick promises to do the full “reveal” later today or tomorrow but says the evidence is incontrovertible. To wit:
* The woman spotted in Qatar is described as “willowy” and could possibly have blonde hair.
* She uses British terms, for example ordering “chips” instead of “fries.”
* She carries a Harrods handbag.
* She sports a crown on top of her burka.
* Many wealthy people live in Qatar.
* The mystery woman makes frequent trips out of the country, perhaps to Europe. England is in Europe. Princess Diana is from England.

More to come soon. Nick Denton is 42.