Tux500 loser: The world now knows who we are

Seriously, read this pathetic apologia from one of the Linux Indy car scammers reporting on the fact that the car with the penguin on it was the first car knocked out of the race. Money quote: “For now though, let it be known. We, the Linux Community, did what we set out to do. We started to tell the world about Linux. Via this event, millions of people that have never heard of Linux now have.”

They’ve heard of it all right — when the announcer was saying, “What’s that word on the car that’s smashing into the wall? Oh, Linux. I see.” Yes, let it be known. “Linux” and “untimely crashes,” now and forever linked in the minds of frigtards who watch cars go in circles. Great job, morons. You’re ace marketers. For sure.