This frooby dexter has a bug up his ass about me

See this story from the San Francisco Chronicle where this shareholder activist from Institutional Shareholder Services just rants and raves about me. The guy is just jonesing for a piece of El Jobso.

Money quotes:

“Steve Jobs touted at the Apple shareholder meeting that Apple was credited for their extraordinary cooperation by the folks at the SEC. But I don’t think they have offered similar cooperation to their own investors and have not allowed complete transparency over their investigation. They are too busy, frankly, spinning this issue and making light of it.”

“Because of his relatively young age, we don’t tend to lump Steve Jobs in that category of the “imperial” CEO. But clearly this was an emperor on his throne at this meeting.”

“One corporate secretary at a contentious meeting turned to me as her own CEO was speaking and said three simple words that I have never forgotten: “Life is spin.” I think that must be Steve Jobs’ mantra.”

It goes on and on. Just sickening.

Dude, look. I’m sorry you’re only five foot one. I’m sorry you look like a dweeb. I’m sorry you got wedgied and swirly-whirlied all through school, and that because of that you can’t have erections. But pygmy, it’s not my fault. Get some help. See a shrink. Put lifts in your shoes. But get off my friggin back. Seriously.