Sorry, PC World staffers

In case you missed it the editor of PC World just quit his job in protest because his boss spiked an unfunny story called “Ten Things We Hate About Apple.” The boss, Colin Crawford, used to be CEO of MacWorld and he knows the deal with El Jobso — no making fun of Apple or me personally. That’s been our arrangement with MacWorld from the beginning. We get to see all stories before they’re published; we make any changes we want; and we don’t allow any jokes about Apple or Steve Jobs. Just how it’s got to be. And folks at PC World? While you’re out there having your big “journalism ethics” snit, try to remember for a minute where you’re working. You work for a friggin computer magazine. Okay? Your job is to write up the latest Dell craptop and explain why it sucks compared to a MacBook. You’re not Woodberg and Bernstein cracking open the Watergate scandal.

Apple faithful, I know what you’re wondering. Did we have anything to do with this? You bet. We did it for you. Folks, when someone comes after our cult, we fight back. It’s like I told Katie Cotton. I’m sorry but we’re just not gonna sit around and take the abuse. We’re just not.