sometimes i feel like a hunted animal

sometimes i feel like a hunted animal,
blood sport for burrowing reporters,
a fugitive, nimble as kimble,
on the road like kerouac,
starving hysterical naked craving penguin dust,
dented but un-sussed,
running, hiding, a jungian
shadow man dwelling in caves,
like plato, seeking higher truth
yet hounded by attorneys, by feds, by SEC–
by journalists burned,
i turn nocturnal,
journey into the whirlwind–
my crimes invented
my options resented,
i earn no salary, i earn nothing
but scorn,
friends lie & squeal
my position reveal,
i am blamed, framed, valerie plamed–
tormented, tried, tonguetwisted
stalked and staked out,
so wired so weary so worn–
i want only to invent the future,
to restore childlike wonder.
i offer to settle, to pay.
i say
name your price
let’s make a deal
spin the wheel
survey says–
we are gaining share
& i have more to share but there
is not much time. let me work again in peace.
let me live in daylight
while daylight remains. otherwise
we will all be stuck with windows
& nobody wants that.