Operation Blog Bash swings into action

In case you missed it, the frigtards at Engadget yesterday ran a piece saying Leopard and the iPhone were going to be delayed. They based their story on what they thought was a leaked Apple memo. Turns out it was a hoax. But it wiped $4 billion off our market cap. Now some are calling for an S.E.C. investigation. Guilty party at Engadget is our good friend Ryan Block, boy toy of the luscious Veronica Belmont. I know what you’re thinking. Was this one of those fake Apple leaks where we try to put a stick in some poor blogger’s spokes? Would Apple really resort to something as evil as this? Would we really still harbor a grudge from months ago when Veronica Belmont ripped me and said the Toshiba Gigabeat was better than the iPod? And would we get back at her by trying to get her boyfriend fired from his job? Come on. You know we would.

Bloggers, hear me now: This is war. You beat us in court, so now we’re resorting to Plan B. We’re going to undermine your credibility. Frankly I can’t understand why anyone believes anything they read on a blog in the first place.