Only 13 days left for Linux race car effort

And the poor guys are a little bit off the pace in their efforts to sponsor a team in the Indy 500. So far they’ve raised $11,243.62. They need $350,000. See their sad web site here. Worse yet, now they’ve got competition. Someone has started a rival web site trying to raise money to get a Vista-sponsored car into the Indy.

Guys, seriously, listen to me. You need to get a grip. Turn off the computer. Put down the family-size bag of potato chips. Put on clean underwear. If you don’t have any clean underwear, do some laundry. Then get dressed and go outside. Talk to someone. Anyone. I know it’s lonely out there. Go to an Apple store and look at the real computers. Our salespeople will hook you up. Go. Now. Please.