OK, so we kept it cool

See the writeup on the historic showdown here. I was nice to Bill, he was nice to me. Doesn’t mean it’s over. Cause it’s not. As Sun Tzu says: “To win without fighting is best.” And let’s be honest. We all know who won. I friggin pwned him. Bill just sat there and didn’t have much to say. I even interrupted him — yes, on purpose — and told a story about Woz. Trust me, Bill is not used to being interrupted. And he really really hates it. You can’t see it on the videotape, I’m sure, but there was a tiny little trickle of smoke coming out of his ears when I did that. Backstage, afterward, he was screaming at his handlers. Ballmer was smashing chairs, calling me an asshole and saying he’s tired of coming down to the Valley and taking this shit from people, blah blah blah.

I must say, Bill actually looked good last night. I think he’d had his horns shaved down right before the show, and he combed his hair down over the stumps. Even up close you could barely see them.