Microsoft vows: Next we will fuck up your phone

See here. It’s not enough that they’ve ruined personal computing for 95% of the world. Now Beastmaster Bill and his minions have created some intiative called “Fone+” in which they will find ways to bring their frigtarded PC software to cell phones. Money quote: “For Microsoft, the challenge is extending the PC platform into new applications and form factors.”

Jesus wept.

Meanwhile the MicroTards are still looking for ways to make personal computers even more annoying. For example: “Finally, Mundie said that Microsoft is working on increasing speculative execution, where the PC tries to anticipate what the user will want, rather than sitting idle and passively waiting for input. One example of this is Vista’s SuperFetch, which tries to “prelaunch” commonly used applications, Mundie said.”

Speculative execution? Microsoft has been the master of that for years.