Microsoft v. Linux

So Ballmer has been going around taunting the Linu-tics by saying that Linux infringes on a bunch of Microsoft patents, but he won’t say which ones. No doubt he’s correct anyway since everything infringes on something these days. Anyway the Linu-tics claim it’s all a lie or a conspiracy or something and so they defied Microsoft to come to a “Show Us the Code” event yesterday in San Francisco. I know about this only because the organizer started writing to me (“Dear Mr. Jobs”) a couple weeks ago asking me if I would attend and lend my voice to their cause. Anyway, I checked in to see how it went. Response: “The meeting happened. Microsoft did not show. Surprisingly small crowd attended …”

Really? A surprisingly small crowd attended? To something as compelling as a Microsoft-Linux “Show Us the Code” challenge? Wow. People really need to get their priorities straight.