Microsoft: Now we will fuck up your coffee table

These friggin guys just don’t quit, do they? They’ve ruined computing. They’re trying to ruin portable music players and televisions and phones. Now they’re going after household furniture too with this “Surface” computer. Just think. Soon you can sit down and start cursing at your coffee table when it freezes up or needs to reboot or warns you about some security alert. Jesus. And what is up with all these stories like this one where the writer gushes about how you can just squeeze photos to make them smaller or stretch them to make them bigger. Golly, can you believe it? Well, yeah, I can, since I introduced this several months ago and I’m going to be shipping a real product that employs this technique in only a few weeks.

This Surface thing is such classic Gates. He copies our idea, but in a frigtarded, impractical way, and then tries to steal our thunder by rolling it out the D show, on the day of our big showdown. Damn you Bill Gates! Damn you to hell!