McNealy and Torvalds in historic joint appearance

This is such classic Scooter behavior. Whatever Gates does, Scooter has to do it too. So now that the Beastmaster and I are in all the papers for making our historic appearance at the D conference last night, McNealy decides to do a rare joint appearance with Linus Torvalds, his supposed arch-enemy, where they can discuss the future of the industry and how they see things taking shape, blah blah blah. Scooter begged Walt to let them do this at the D show but Goatberg refused (yeah, the Sun guys are that relevant) so the Sun guys created their own conference and got MaryMaryQuiteContrary aka Java Gal to ask all the questions. Scott’s big prediction? “Solaris on SPARC is going to make a huge comeback. StarOffice rocks!” Torvalds’ prediction: “I will never do this again.”